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James Henderson
A New Way Of Winning
by James Henderson

A New Way Of WinningHello,

Given that we live in an ultra-competitive society, it was heart-warming to witness a selfless act in this week’s London Marathon.

It was when one athlete sacrificed some of his own race time so that he could help another who was staggering toward the finishing line. Both athletes went on to finish the race together.

Surely lending a helping hand to someone else is what life is about.

Most of us would rather get ahead, rather win against others than slow down to be there for someone else. After all, no one wants to be a loser, do they?

Jesus Christ was famous for turning conventional ideas on their heads. He would say things like you need to lose if you want to win, or you need to give if you want to get. To those who listened to him it was upside down thinking, not what you’d do to succeed.

But he was right, wasn’t he? And it’s a good message for us all.

Perhaps, when we help others, that’s when we really win.

Best regards,

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