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James Henderson
A Stable Foundation?
by James Henderson

A Stable Foundation?Hello,

What we need is more stability. Here in the UK we’ve heard this stated frequently in the lead up to the national election.

How do we get it? Is it through the democratic process? Will a new government bring it? Is strong leadership the answer? If a country adopts the right policies and strategies, will that make us feel more stable as a society?

Of course, such things may make a kind of difference, but there’s a missing component which is overlooked often. It’s the spiritual component, the foundation on which everything else can be built, the foundation that helps us stand safe and secure. In times like these this is what we need.

What should that foundation be? Our own views? Our own convictions and thoughts? The will of the people? The Bible is bold enough to make another suggestion. The answer, it says, is not in ourselves, but in God. It may not sound politically correct. It may appear an outdated idea, but it’s not. An ancient political commentator explains it this way, “He (God) will be the sure foundation for your times”. Isaiah 33:6 NIVUK

We don’t have stability because we’ve neglected the essential spiritual foundation, which is God as he is revealed in Jesus Christ.

If we want stability, let’s turn to God in Jesus and build our society on him.

Best regards,

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