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James Henderson
Advantage Grace
by James Henderson

Advantage GraceHello,

Did you hear that a Wimbledon tennis player has been fined for allegedly not working hard enough? It made me wince a little — do I make enough effort? Whatever you do, please don’t ask my wife and children!

Some have thought that salvation is granted only to those who do their best and work hard in life, but this is just not true. At least when it comes to Christianity, it isn’t. Not that we shouldn’t apply effort in all that we do, but it’s not our effort that saves us.

That’s the Christian message, and it’s called grace. It’s because of what Jesus has done for us, in dying on the cross and in rising to newness of life, that humanity in general and each of us individually can be saved.

Why not turn to Jesus and accept his grace?

Now, that’s worth the effort!

Best regards,

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