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James Henderson
An End To Terror?
by James Henderson

An End To Terror?Hello,

Terrorism has dominated much of the news this week. From memories of the “troubles” in Northern Ireland to the continuing ISIS threat, resulting in a ban on laptops as cabin luggage on flights to and from selected countries; from the shaming of online “hate videos” to the shocking Westminster attack, and our hearts go out to the families of the victims and to all affected by it.

How can terrorism be stopped in its tracks? It’s a huge subject, and cannot be covered adequately in a short message. But we can say something. Displays of terror are not limited to extremists who want to force their views on us. Personally, I’ve witnessed ordinary people being terrorised by their spouses, parents, guardians and peer groups. I’ve seen others being intimidated by those who should know better. Perhaps, if we’re honest with ourselves, we’ve all been guilty of terrorising someone else in some way.

To stop terror, we need a movement that will change the hearts of all of us. That’s exactly what Christianity offers; that Christ helps us change from the inside out. That we move from a tendency to hurt one another to caring for one other.

Let’s begin to change on a personal level.

Turn to Jesus and let him help you.

Best regards,

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