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James Henderson
Are You A Trick Or Treat?
by James Henderson

Are You A Trick Or Treat?Hello.

Trick or Treat?

Which are you?

We might use words to trick others. Nice, pleasing promises and phrases to calm a partner down, or, in politics, to make voters think that real change for the better will happen if they vote for the right party.

But such tricks are no treat. Jesus Christ, who in his time was a bit of a rebel, spoke out against using words as tricks. It’s a deception, he said. Don’t play at loving others by saying one thing and doing another. Real love is genuine, backed up by actions.

Let’s face it, we don’t need any more tricksters leading us down blind alleys. What we need is to be treated with care and respect.

It begins with us. With you and me. With our showing genuine love.

Let’s be a treat for others.

Best regards,

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