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James Henderson
Are You Listening?
by James Henderson

Are You Listening?Hello,

Did you notice in the news this week the revised theory about attention spans? That is, that they’re not so bad after all.

The point is that our attention span is not getting shorter, as was recently thought. Therefore, we can’t use a short attention span as an excuse for not paying attention to the words of our significant other or for missing an annoying point that someone has just made to us. Maybe the problem is that we’re just not listening!

When it comes to God, he listens to us always. He doesn’t tune us out because we sound boring, and doesn’t get diverted into doing something more interesting than focussing on us.

We may not have time for God or for others in our self-centred lives, but God has time for us. His attention span is infinite.

Speak to God.

He listens.

Best regards,

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