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James Henderson
by James Henderson


Next week Christians remember that Jesus Christ went up to heaven.

You’d have thought that was a given, so why fuss about it? Surely, if Jesus is who he said he was, then he would have gone straight there without passing go, so to speak.

There are many excellent ideas about what is called the Ascension, referring to how Jesus ascended into the sky, but there’s one part of the story that always sticks with me. His followers are dumbfounded as they watch him go up into the clouds, and an angel says to them, “this Jesus, who was taken from you into heaven, will come back in the same way that you saw him go to heaven”. Acts 1:11 the Good News Bible

In other words, Jesus, whose presence is with us now through the Holy Spirit, will return. Just as he ascended to heaven, one day he’ll descend with heavenly blessings for us and for the whole world. He will do this because we have been included in God’s loving and eternal grace.

The bottom line is that Jesus, the King, is coming back.

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