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James Henderson
Beyond The Rainbow
by James Henderson

Beyond The RainbowHello,

It’s been ideal conditions for rainbows this week. Did you see one?

Rainbows signify hope. According to the Bible, God sent the first rainbow as a sign of his intervention when all seemed hopeless. Everyone was doing his or her own thing without any regard to consequences, and, on the international front, there was a build-up of tension and intrigue. Does this sound familiar? And then came the weather, lots of it, 40 days of rain and storms, and a great flood destroyed the known world.

Thankfully, God came to the rescue and sent the gift of a rainbow to proclaim that the chaos was over. This points to the idea that God sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to save us and to proclaim the end of hopelessness.

As we listen to or read the news today, we fear what tomorrow may bring. The world seems more unstable with each passing day. Where is it all leading us? Is there global chaos and upheaval ahead? Perhaps. But, even if there is, there is still the rainbow, that splendid colourful refraction of light. For us, it can be like a sign that reminds us of Jesus, who is the Light of the world.

Therefore, when I see a rainbow, I think that, no matter how bad things get, both personally and for humanity in general, God does and will save us.

Best regards,

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