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James Henderson
Breaking Free
by James Henderson

Breaking FreeHello,

Would you like to break free from your past?

On the eve of the Commonwealth discussions about future leadership, one of its member states has changed its name. What was once Swaziland is now the Kingdom of eSwatini, meaning “land of the Swazis”. King Mswati III explained that this was a bold return to the country’s ancient name and thus indicated a defining break from the captivity of its colonial past.

Biblically speaking, we all need to break free from a past that’s held us captive. It’s the captivity of our sins, which have colonised our lives to such an extent that we can’t be the people God intended us to be.

Changing our name won’t set us free. In fact, there’s only one name that can help us, and that’s Jesus. He alone is the once and future leader that can bring us out of that bondage into a new and liberated future.

If you’d like to know more about how Jesus can help you make that break from the past, let us know.

Best regards,

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