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James Henderson
by James Henderson


I’m sure all of us hope that the news of a breakthrough in cancer detection will prevent many people from suffering. Early detection brings with it the hope of treating this terrible disease before it takes root and spreads.

The Bible mentions the idea of early detection when it comes to dealing with sin and its consequences. One of its writers, James, the half-brother of Jesus Christ, warns against letting wrong thoughts take root in our minds because, if we do so, those thoughts will fester, grow and develop into sinful actions.

The good news for us is that Jesus himself is the breakthrough we need to tackle the spiritual cancer that is sin. Through his death and resurrection all of our sins have been detected, forgiven and dealt with. And, when we begin to think of doing something wrong, Jesus’ Spirit is there, working with us to identify it and to overcome it.

Accept Jesus and the healing he brings.

Best regards,

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