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James Henderson
Can Peace Be Next?
by James Henderson

Can Peace Be Next?Hello,

In the lead-up to holy seasons for Christians, Jews and Hindus, we have had a very unholy week on the world scene. What with the images of chemical warfare in Syria, the tension over North Korea’s nuclear arsenal, and the launch of US cruise missiles against the Assad régime, one wonders, what next?

Take a sharp intake of breath because it’s not over yet. Who knows what will happen? What the world needs is to be holy, not unholy. What does “holy” mean? In the Christian Bible, “holy” is used often to describe being set apart to receive the blessing of peace that only God can give.

Christians believe that this is the reason why Christ suffered, died and rose from the dead – so that all people would be included in God’s holy peace. It’s ironic that through Christ we are set apart for peace, and yet all we seem to do is practise war and aggression.

As we see all these events happening around us, perhaps we should take peace with us wherever we go and whatever we do.

Therefore, I suggest that what is next for us personally is to be holy, to bring God’s peace into our own lives.

It begins by accepting the sacrifice of Christ.

Best regards,

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