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James Henderson
Care In 2017
by James Henderson

Care In 2017Hello,

Do you have a second?

The answer is yes. In fact, this year all of us have an extra second before the new year begins. Maybe it’s more time to reflect on the year we’ve had.

As we end 2016 with a fragile truce in Syria and with the spectre of another Cold War in politics, one wonders what 2017 will bring. There is so much uncertainty at a time when the world need re-assurance.Can we do anything about it?

One of the biblical writers was a man called James, and he was the half-brother of Jesus Christ. He had something to say to Christians who lived in a society where faith was rejected as being an empty irrelevance. In referring to helping the needy in practical and encouraging ways, he said that Christians, both personally and collectively, should demonstrate their faith by their works. In other words, why claim to believe in God and yet lead a life that does not show love in action?

In 2017 let’s re-assure others that Christians are among them as people who care.

Take extra time to proclaim Jesus, not just in words, but also in all that we do.

Have a caring New Year!,

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