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James Henderson
Christ, Crucified For Us
by James Henderson

Christ, Crucified For UsHello,

Be advised.

You may be about to receive a “trigger warning”, meaning that what you are about to read or hear or see could upset you.

This week theology students at a British university received a “trigger warning” that they might get stressed out by images of the crucifixion of Christ, and that, therefore, they may be excused from attending classes.

Of course, we must always be careful not to traumatise others, but surely we can let ourselves be moved by meaningful ideas and events. The crucifixion is a case in point. The Bible depicts Christ crucified, not to cause us fear, but to show how far God was willing to go to save us and to release us from anguish.

A trigger warning is that, if humanity ignores the crucifixion of Christ, it may cause unnecessary stress!

Whether we like the idea or not, Jesus died for us.

Accept his salvation.

Yours in Christ,

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