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James Henderson
Door To A New Life...
by James Henderson

Door To A New Life...Hello,

“Fame – I’m gonna live forever” was a 1980s hit song. Maybe you know it, and are singing it right now in your mind. But the dream of our living forever was dealt a blow this week when researchers explained just how long we are likely to live. Even though most people worldwide are living ten years longer than they would have a few decades ago, and even though medical science tries to find ways to extend our life span, the latest report is that our bodies last at the most 115 to 125 years. What happens after that is up for religious and philosophical debate. Is death really the end of our existence?

This may not matter for those among us who think that this life is all there is, and that death is like a door which closes and never opens again. For others, who see death as a door into a better or a different version of this life, it may mean that now there’s longer to wait for their hope to be realised.

Very few of us, of course, have ever made it to 125. In fact, as the report indicates, most of us leave well before then. Biblically speaking, however, death is not the final door of a series of life’s passages, and nor is it a door into a never-ending life beyond life. In fact, there is but one door into a future beyond our imagination, and that is Jesus Christ, who has overcome any power death may seem to have over us. Christ said to his followers, “I am the Door”, meaning that through him alone can we experience eternity.

Therefore, if you really do want to live forever, you won’t get there through fame or death.

There’s only one way.

And that only way is Jesus.

Best regards,

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