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James Henderson
God’s Promises Fleshed Out
by James Henderson

God’s Promises Fleshed OutHello,

To “put flesh on the bones” of an idea means to make it happen, to add substance to a commitment or to a statement.

When it comes to politicians, a common complaint is that they are all words and no substance, and that they do not fulfil their election promises.

But what about God? Are His promises just good intentions? Are they just nice words to comfort us but without the substance of reality?

This is where Jesus Christ comes in. He is the one who puts flesh on the bones of God’s promises to offer salvation to all of us. In fact, that’s what the term “Incarnation” refers to, the act of God becoming human flesh and bones in order to rescue us from ourselves. The Gospel writer, John, puts it this way: God’s "
Word became flesh and dwelt among us. John 1:14 NKJV

At this time of year, we often make promises to our children and to friends and sometimes to ourselves. I wonder whether we’ll make them happen, whether we’ll put flesh on the bones of what we’ve said.

When it comes to God, all his promises are fulfilled in Jesus.

Let’s celebrate His Incarnation.

Best regards,

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