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James Henderson
Gone Forever?
by James Henderson

Gone Forever?Hello.

Rain has washed away the wonder of the snow in the town where I live. It was the Scottish poet, Robert Burns, who wrote that pleasures are “like the snow-fall in the river. A moment white, then melts forever”.

What about the pleasure of having known and loved someone? What about all those who have died from diseases such as coronavirus and cancer? Those who have been killed in war or as victims of heinous crimes? Are their lives like the snow that melts and disappears? Are they gone forever?

Religions and philosophies are divided on this issue, sometimes sharply so. Some speculate that death is irretrievably final, followed only by an empty void. The fullness of the Christian hope, however, is abundantly clear. There is life after this life, and that’s what the resurrection of Jesus Christ is all about. As fantastical as it might sound, Jesus rose from the dead as a forerunner for all of humanity.

Therefore, our loved ones are not gone forever. In Christ the joy of seeing them again becomes possible.

Nothing can separate us from this hope.

Best regards,

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