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James Henderson
Help In Times Of Panic
by James Henderson

Help In Times Of PanicHello.

“Don’t panic” has been the UK government’s message this week.

And yet the more we heard “don’t panic” the more people went into panic mode and rushed to get petrol.

Jesus told his followers not to panic when they see the storms of life around them. At one point he was asleep on a boat while his disciples faced howling winds, tempestuous waves and lashing rain. The disciples woke him up and asked him to rescue them. Jesus told them not to panic. “Why are you gripped with fear? Where is your faith?” he said to them. Then Jesus commanded the storm to “Be still!” “And instantly it became perfectly calm”. Matthew 8:26 the Passion Translation

Why not invite Jesus into the storms of your life?

Jesus calms us down and helps us not to panic.

Best regards,

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