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James Henderson
Holy City Or Holy Person?
by James Henderson

Holy City Or Holy Person?Hello,

Jerusalem is regarded by Jews, Christians and Muslims as a special place. And now, with the decision to relocate the US embassy there from Tel Aviv, the city is in the spotlight once again. Both Islamic and Christian groups have protested that their holy sites and shrines in Jerusalem might be threatened by this move, which has been interpreted by some as a kind of victory for the Jewish state of Israel.

I wonder, however, whether any place is more holy than another. It’s been a notion that has existed for thousands of years. Religions have taught, and still do teach, that certain places, times and even nations are blessed with a special measure of divine presence.

Is this idea true? Is Jerusalem, for example, more holy than other cities?

The Biblical New Testament points us in a totally different direction, to a thought that might surprise us. It tells us that, if holiness was ever linked particularly to a physical nation, time, or place, it is no longer so.

Rather, all holiness is invested in a person. And, the person is Jesus Christ, who alone is holy.

Therefore, it we want to be holy, let’s look to Jesus and follow him.

Best regards,

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