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James Henderson
Hope In Tragedy
by James Henderson

Hope In TragedyHello

We’ve all been shocked by the story of the eight women and thirty-one men who froze to death while trapped in a transport container. One can only imagine the horror and hopelessness of their final hours.

Our hearts go out to them as we think about it, and we’re appalled that people-trafficking could happen in our civilised world. A question comes to mind: are these victims of man’s inhumanity to man lost forever?

One of the Christian writers, a man called Paul, wrote that we are limited if we have hope only in the life we know. There must be more to it. And it’s true, isn’t it? As wonderful as our world is, it is hopeless when it comes to the personal and collective tragedies that happen.

Paul said the answer was Jesus. He is the hope of the dead. His resurrection to life was the precursor to a greater resurrection to come. And, therefore, for all those who die, there is hope.

Those 39 people who died such unfair and tragic deaths, there’s hope for them.

That hope is Jesus.

Best regards,

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