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James Henderson
How Precious
by James Henderson

How PreciousHello,

The sighting of some colourful bee-eaters in the middle of England has created quite a buzz this week.

Of course, in warmer climates such birds might seem common place, but not here, where, as I write in the middle of a summer afternoon, the temperature is the same as that in the Arctic’s North Cape – eleven degrees Celsius or just over 51 Fahrenheit. Not much to chirp about!

Also in the news is a more concerning story about another bird, the blue-winged Amazon parrot, a beautiful new species discovered recently in Mexico. Sadly, no sooner had this bird been registered as a new species than it was listed as possibly facing extinction due to human intrusions into its unprotected forest habitat.

My view is that God loves the diversity we find in nature. One verse in the Bible suggests that he knows of and cares for every bird in the air, and that, when it comes to you and me, God values each of us so much that he sent Jesus to save us from our destroying ourselves.

What a beautiful world, as Louis Armstrong sang, but some of that beauty is disappearing. Let’s appreciate and respect it more.

And, don’t forget how precious you are to God.

Best regards,

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