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James Henderson
I Forgive You If?
by James Henderson

I Forgive You If?Hello.

This week forgiveness was in the news.

In the days leading to the inauguration of the US President Elect, the outgoing President issued a number of pardons for criminals and for others. This was in keeping with presidential tradition. In the UK a similar thing happened historically when monarchs would proclaim Acts of Grace.

Sometimes there were political or personal motives involved and such pardons were transactional in nature, meaning that something was expected in return for the mercy shown. We might do such things in close relationships or in marriage when we say, “I’ll forgive you if you say you’re sorry” or “I’ll forgive you if you first do such and such”. Conditional forgiveness.

The idea of grace implies no conditions. This is the Christian story. That Jesus Christ died that we might be forgiven with no strings attached. We did not have to prove anything beforehand. Of course, the hope is that once forgiven, we forgive others just as Christ forgave us.

No conditions. No pre-requisites. Just acceptance.

Why not receive Christ’s act of grace on your behalf?

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