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James Henderson
Let Your Blessings Flow
by James Henderson

Let Your Blessings FlowHello,

It’s good to see the rain again.

There has been talk of drought in the press, and where we live things were beginning to look a little dry for the time of year. This was despite the clouds that had been lingering in the sky for days on end, giving us the promise of rain.

Ancient cultures often viewed rain as sign of divine blessing, and we can see why this would be. One biblical analogy refers to people who are clouds without water, meaning that they selfishly keep the blessings all to themselves and that they don’t share them with others.

It’s an interesting idea, isn’t it? Do we withhold our blessings like a cloud that does not release its refreshing rain, as if we’re offering the promise but not delivering on it?

When it comes to Jesus, he does not keep back his grace from us but rather he pours it out abundantly.

As for us, let’s not hold back the blessings we can give as if we were clouds without water.

Let your blessings flow.

Best regards,

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