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James Henderson
Life On Mars?
by James Henderson

Life On Mars?Hello,

Scientists throughout Europe are dismayed that contact has been lost with a robotic probe designed to analyse data from Mars. The plan was that it would investigate whether life exists there. It looks like we’ll have to wait longer to know exactly what happened. But, what if there is life on Mars? Or elsewhere in the multiverse? Someone suggested to me once, that, if it were so, then it would undermine the Christian message. Would the God who supposedly saves humans have any purpose outside of the planet Earth?

The Bible suggests an unexpected answer to this question. It says that everything on earth and above it in the heavens, whether known or unknown, visible or invisible, near or far, is sustained now and has its future in Jesus Christ. It’s quite a remarkable thought. It means the hope that Christians have in Christ extends beyond all that we know and all that we can see, even to the furthest galaxy in outer space. Take the time to read about it for yourself in Colossians 1:15-20.

Personally speaking, I’d love it if they found life on Mars, and glory be to God if they do.

Whatever’s out there, God has not lost contact with anything or anyone.

Why not contact Him now?

Best regards,

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