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James Henderson
Need A Shepherd?
by James Henderson

Need A Shepherd?Hello.

There are high hopes that “herd immunity” to Covid-19 might be with us in the summer. The thought is that the virus might be defeated because so many people have been either vaccinated against it or have previously contracted it. Let’s hope so!

Being part of the herd is often a safety idea. The other day I was watching sheep dogs round up a flock of sheep in a field near where I live. It was a delight to see them respond to the shepherd by directing the sheep into the safety of a fenced enclosure.

According to Christians, this is what Jesus wants for us, that we be gathered into the safety of his keeping. He’s like a caring shepherd whose desire is to lead us to green pastures and to protect us from harm.

We do live in an unsafe world, spiritually as well as mentally and physically. Maybe we need someone to lead us gently into the safety of his fold.

Why not turn to Jesus, the Good Shepherd?

Best regards,

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