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James Henderson
No Ships Ahead
by James Henderson

No Ships AheadHello,

“I see no ships”, said Horatio Nelson as he held his spy-glass to his blind eye while facing the enemy fleet, and within hours he had won a decisive victory at sea.

Turning a blind eye to undesirable news and carrying on regardless is seen often as a sign of strength in leadership, although it is not always a strategy that pays off. Leaders often have more faith in themselves than anything else.

Christians view faith in God as more important than our faith in ourselves. Faith in God involves a giving up or a sacrifice of self-trust. It’s a letting go of relying solely on oneself. When everything seems out of control and I don’t know who to believe or where to turn to, I turn to God.

I’d love it if more of the world’s leaders had faith in something other than in themselves or in their political persuasion, wouldn’t you?

A place to start, not just for them but for all of us, would be to have faith in God.

Put your trust in God.

Best regards,

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