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James Henderson
Of Jesus And Whisky
by James Henderson

Of Jesus And WhiskyHello,

It’s been quite a week news-wise, but the story that caught my eye most was about a bottle of whisky. Did you notice it too?

Apparently, a multi-millionaire paid about £7,500 in Swiss Francs for a “wee dram” of a rare single malt whisky that dated back, according to its label, to 1878. Sadly, however, after testing, it proved to be a fake blend. A full refund has been offered!

This made me think of a warning that is found in the Christian Bible. No matter how old a religion is, no matter how persuasive its label reads, no matter how well its followers preach, if it’s not about Jesus, then it’s questionable.

It’s a bit bold, is it not? Am I saying that only Jesus is real when it comes to faith and salvation?Yes, I am.

Taste of Jesus.

He’s the real thing.

Best regards,

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