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James Henderson
Out Of Service?
by James Henderson

Out Of Service?Hello,

One of the UK’s leading banks has had computer problems most of this week. It’s meant that many of its customers have not had access to their money, resulting in personal and business crises.

Banks do experience difficulties from time to time. I’m reminded of when, a few years ago, the central bank of Portugal bailed out the Banco Espírito Santo, which in English means the “Bank of the Holy Spirit”. You’d think that a bank with such a name would not need to be rescued!

What if Christians did not have access to the Holy Spirit? It would be bad news indeed. The Christian Festival of Pentecost, which is only a few weeks away, celebrates that the Holy Spirit was sent to us. The doors to His bank never close. He’s always available to and for us.

With God, who is Father, Son and Spirit, there’s no downtime. No upgrades that cause the system to crash, no maintenance that blocks access temporarily, no password problems and no shortage of assistance.

God is here in His fullness to help us at all times.

Let Him help you.

Best regards,

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