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James Henderson
Plastic Choices?
by James Henderson

Plastic Choices?Hello,

Sometimes what seems like a good idea turns out to be a bad one. Take plastic, for example. Since it was first patented in 1856 in Birmingham, UK, it has revolutionized the world.

It was cheap, flexible, light-weight, durable, water-resistant, and just the answer for the mass production of household utensils, bottles, bags, containers, etc. It’s used in spacecraft and in hospital equipment. It’s in cars, trains, and planes. You name it, and probably plastic is in there somewhere.

Using plastic materials meant that we could preserve the planet a little longer because we wouldn’t need to use materials such as wood, stone, leather and glass. But look what’s happened now. Plastic degrades so slowly that it’s led to an environmental crisis. No one saw the consequences at the time. If only we had known!

There is, of course, a spiritual analogy. What we think is good for us morally or spiritually might in the end not be. This is why Christians point to Jesus and his words as the best path to take when it comes to how to live our lives and to how we relate to others. Plastic alternatives to what Jesus teaches might seem attractive, but resist them, follow Jesus and avoid a spiritual crisis.

Therefore, as well as being environmentally responsible, let’s be spiritually responsive, and accept Jesus Christ.

Best regards,

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