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James Henderson
by James Henderson


If Easter is about anything other than a welcome break, then it’s about the amazing story of Jesus Christ: how Jesus was crucified and rose from the dead. More than it’s about chocolate bunnies, parties and rolling your eggs, it concerns hope beyond suffering.

Yet, would you believe it, a recent survey among professing Christians in the UK revealed that as much as 25% of us don’t accept the Resurrection as an historical fact? Although we may hold core Christian beliefs, the Resurrection is not necessarily one of them.

Excuse me if this doesn’t sound open-minded enough, but surely the Resurrection is the key core belief of the Christian’s faith. Paul, a first-century educated Christian thinker who saw through the fallacies of religious legalism and of pagan superstitions, realised and taught that, if Jesus is not risen from the dead, then there’s no point to faith. In fact, no point to anything because, without the resurrection, there’s no hope of something better to come.

What we need in this troubled, uncertain world more than anything else is the certainty of the Resurrection. We need to rise with Jesus to a new life of freedom, peace and harmony.

Let’s celebrate this weekend, and have fun with family and friends.

But, above all, celebrate the Resurrection – without it, there is no hope.

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