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James Henderson
by James Henderson


This week our nation and many people around the world have been moved by the heart-rending story of a critically-ill baby’s struggle for life. Our hearts, prayers and thoughts go out to all children who suffer and to their parents, families and friends.

The question arises: what happens spiritually to children who die in infancy? Is there any word of comfort that Christians can offer?

On a personal note, my mother had a daughter named Jean who was born on my second birthday and died ten days afterwards. I think about my sister often even though I did not know her, and feel a sense of loss and injustice, and wonder whether I might meet her one day.

The Bible tells us that all children are born into a state of grace, and, because of that, there is hope. They are born with Jesus having already died and risen from the dead not only for them, but also for every man, woman and child who has ever lived.

So, are those precious children, whom we miss dearly, safe?

The answer is yes, they are.

Safe with Jesus, who took the babies and toddlers in his arms and blessed them in expectation of their eternal life with him.

Best regards,

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