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James Henderson
Safe Storage
by James Henderson

Safe StorageHello,

This week social media has been in the news, and the question is whether thousands, perhaps millions, of people’s profiles have been compromised. Perhaps there’s data we’d prefer to be kept hidden but that could now be revealed.

Christians encourage us to pray and to tell God anything, even the innermost thoughts of our heart. But, if we do, are our secrets safe with God? If you give him your personal information, will others have access to it? Can intruders hack into it and use it for their own purposes?

One of the most comforting things about God is that he covers our sins. Not a cover up in the sense that he lies about them. But, when we admit our faults and mistakes to God, he is faithful to who he is, the one and only God, who, in the fullness of his love for us, has already forgiven our sins. That forgiveness is like a covering of grace. Nothing - and no one - can break into it or get beyond it to dig up our past. Not only are our secrets safe with God, but also what needs to be forgiven has been forgiven, covered by his grace.

Store your thoughts with God. Pray to him.

It’s safe, confidential and what’s more, God listens to you, forgives and loves you.

Best regards,

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