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James Henderson
by James Henderson


It’s been reported this week that several European leaders are planning to make Europe great again. In the US the hope is to make America great again. Here in the UK a similar kind of rhetoric is used. Nationalist movements around the world claim the same notion: our country can be great once more.

What makes a nation great? Is it military might? A robust economy? A sound demographic system? What about social justice? Is greatness to do with addressing inequalities and defending the poor and the marginalized?

You may have heard of Jesus Christ, whose story is often highlighted at Easter. Some of his followers argued as to who among them would be the greatest. Jesus turned their competitive views upside down. If you really want to be great, serve one another. That’s what he said. Maybe there’s a clue to greatness in that thought. Put others first before yourself.

Could nations and leaders learn from that? What if a president, a prime minister, a king or a queen offered to sacrifice himself or herself for the people? To serve them by giving up all the privileges of power and dying for them?

Of course, that’s the Christian message. That Jesus, the Son of God, died for us and rose from the dead that we may live and that he may continue to serve us.

That’s the real Easter message.

Now that’s great.

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