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James Henderson
Singing Of Hope
by James Henderson

Singing Of HopeHello,

Have you heard or read some of the many tributes paid to Glen Campbell, the famous musician and song-writer who died this week?

Not everyone knows of his Christian faith. One of his early songs is called, "I Knew Jesus (Before He Was A Star)". In it he sings:

Well you know I’m a believer in all that he’s ever been
Stories I’ve read of him things that were said of him
Songs that they glorify I used to play on my guitar yes I did
I knew Jesus before he was a superstar
I’ve known his goodness and mercy for all my days
I’ve seen his blessings around me in every way
In times of trouble when I had no hope in view
Who brought the sunlight the one light that I knew
…I knew Jesus before he was a superstar.

Perhaps, as we listen to the news of possible nuclear war and of terrorist acts, you would agree that we live in “in times of trouble” with “no hope in view”? Not just on the world scene, but also personally.

The hope, Campbell thought, was the one Light who is Jesus Christ.

I think he was right.

The only hope is Jesus.

Best regards,

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