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James Henderson
Sovereign Grace
by James Henderson

Sovereign GraceHello,

Who is sovereign? The monarch? The people? Parliament? What about a union of nations? What about those to whom we give assent to govern us by voting for them? Are they sovereign? Should the voice of the people rule?

It’s been a week of contentious sovereignty discussions here in the UK, and, from my perspective, it’s noteworthy that the word “sovereignty” has stood alone, as if disconnected from any other value. Sometimes Christians refer to God’s sovereign grace, seeing God’s sovereignty and his grace as intrinsically combined, as if they belong together.

And, personally, I think they do. As undemocratic as it sounds, let’s face it, sovereignty by itself is neither a virtue nor an ideal. History abounds with examples of those who have ruled with sovereign disgrace. The right to be sovereign might sound good politically, but what’s the point of being sovereign unless it goes hand in hand with grace?

God demonstrates his sovereignty through his amazing grace towards us.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if our leaders did the same?

Best regards,

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