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James Henderson
Stop Irritating One Another
by James Henderson

Stop Irritating One AnotherHello,

It’s been reported this week that the Chinese government has requested that the Americans and North Koreans stop irritating each other. It sounds like a good idea, and the advice could certainly be applied to the UK and Europe, and to elsewhere around our fragile planet.

On a personal level the same kind of problem occurs. We may argue heatedly with our friends or enemies, or with our partners and family, or with our peers and bosses, and, before we know it, things get out of control.

It reminds me of an old biblical proverb, written by a world-weary king called Solomon. It goes like this: Do not be quickly provoked in your spirit, for anger resides in the lap of fools. Ecclesiastes 7:9 NIV

When it comes to those who act aggressively towards us, Christ told his followers not to return like with like. Don’t return anger with anger, hate with hate. Rather what we should do is surprise them by controlling ourselves and by showing love in what we say and in how we behave.

When tensions are running high in your life, it’s not the time to escalate the war of words and deeds, and to provoke each other to more anger.

Rather it’s the time for self-control and for love.

Listen to the words of Jesus Christ.

Best regards,

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