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James Henderson
by James Henderson


Maybe you noticed this week how you can use your smart home assistant to say grace before a meal?

By smart home assistant I don’t mean your spouse or child, but I’m referring to interactive electronic devices that are prompted by your voice to play your favourite music, tell you the weather, check out ideas, and now can lead you in prayer.

Whether this is a good idea may be debatable, but surely anything that promotes prayer is a positive move. Of course, it’s desirable that we pray, but sometimes we get stuck and don’t know what to say next. Interestingly, the Bible tells us that in such situations we have a spiritual assistant, someone who comes alongside us and helps us find the thoughts to think and words to express them. This assistant is not some gadget or invention, but he is the Holy Spirit. God himself comes to help us.

Next time, or perhaps it’s the first time, you pray and get stuck, ask God to help you.

You’ll be surprised how the Spirit helps.

Best regards,

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