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James Henderson
"The Ayes Have It"!
by James Henderson

"The Ayes Have It"!Hello,

It’s been fascinating watching the goings-on in the UK parliament this week, irrespective of whether you agree or don’t agree with the government.

Perhaps you saw the vote on television. When the count was finished, the Speaker of the House declared for all to hear, “the ayes have it”. “Aye” is an old word for “yes” and it is still used colloquially in parts of northern England and in Scotland. The Speaker was saying that those in favour of the proposal had won the day. The next stage for any UK bill is to go to the House of Lords, where, in theory, the “ayes” could be greeted with “noes”.

When it comes to God’s proposals for us, the Speaker of his House always declares “aye”. There’s no debate about it. Every promise of God is “yes” in Christ Jesus, who is God’s Word made flesh for us. Nothing can overturn his loving purpose for humanity.

What is that purpose? It is to grant us the salvation of union with him through Jesus Christ. It’s a done deal on God’s part, but, of course, in our free will, we could say “no” to his grace.

Let’s, however, say “yes’ to God’s “aye”!

Best regards,

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