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James Henderson
The Best Deal Going
by James Henderson

The Best Deal GoingHello.

Here in the UK tension is rising on several fronts. Almost to spite the good news of the vaccine, coronavirus levels are rising in various areas, and relationships with the European Union seem at an all time low. It seems possible that the Brexit talks may result in a “no deal”.

When it comes to God, he offers us the deal of the century. Not just of this century but of all time. Of course, he is not on some opposing side to us. God is for us, and that’s why he offers us grace. It’s such a bargain. God sent his son, born humbly in a stable, to find us and save us from ourselves. We didn't have to do anything. Out of his own free will God chose to give us grace, and thus freedom from our mistakes and bad choices.

When there’s such a good deal on the table, it’s wise to accept it.

Why not take God’s deal?

Accept Jesus.

Best regards,

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