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James Henderson
The Best Defence?
by James Henderson

The Best Defence?Hello.

Is collective defence still a good idea in the 21st century? Should nations join together to face a common threat? What about NATO? Is its future in jeopardy?

In the European press this week there’s been a lot of talk about the World Cup, Brexit, immigration, the encouraging news about the rescue of the schoolboys in Thailand, and also concerns expressed about the West’s defence capability.

Call him a dreamer, but Jesus Christ had something revolutionary to say about defence. He said it begins on a very personal level, with how we deal with each other on a day to day basis. His defence strategy wasn’t welcomed by his countrymen, who wanted to arm themselves against the forces of Rome. You may have heard of what Jesus said. His words were, “love your enemies”! It’s quite startling, isn’t it? But should we not arm ourselves first, just in case? It’s not exactly what he said or what he did, is it?

And it begins with us. You and me. In the home, on the street, at the workplace. Pray to Jesus that he would help you. Do good to those who don’t like you, or hate you, or speak ill of you. Love them.


It’s the best defence.

Let’s turn to Jesus and let him help us love our enemies.

Best regards,

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