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James Henderson
The Ever Giving
by James Henderson

The Ever GivingHello.

Did you read or hear this week of how the Ever Given has ceased to give?

One of the world’s largest container ships, called the Ever Given, has been stuck in the Suez Canal, preventing other vessels from getting past it to their varied destinations. I know it’s just a play on words, but so far the Just Given hasn’t given an inch!

I wonder whether we ever get in the way of other people’s progress, a bit like how the Ever Given is blocking the movement of ships? It can happen, can’t it? We can become immoveable objects that just won’t budge in order to accommodate others.

A Christian principle is that just as we have been given, so we should ever give. It’s particularly relevant at this time of year when believers remember that Jesus Christ gave his all for the world so that in like manner we can sacrifice and give of ourselves for others.

It’s a simple thought, and one not just reserved for Christians.

Think about your blessings – all the things that you have been ever given — and give.

Be the Ever Giving.

Best regards,

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