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James Henderson
The Gift Of Sacrifice
by James Henderson

The Gift Of SacrificeHello,

Who could not be moved this week by the stories of two people who sacrificed their lives for others? One is of the diver who was drowned in an effort to help the schoolboys stranded in flooded caves in Thailand, and the other, which took place in Canada, was of a father who was mauled and killed when he placed himself between his children and a polar bear that was charging towards them.

Let’s pray for the relatives and friends of those involved, and for the schoolboys who await rescuing.

Where, however, does the spirit of sacrifice come from? There are a number of theories about this, but the answer is elusive.

The Bible makes a suggestion. It is that all the best things come from God. God the Father has gifted humanity with good ideas like human love, generosity, compassion, friendship, and outgoing concern. Also, the spirit of sacrifice, wherein people like you and I give voluntarily of themselves for the sake of others.

The idea of dying for someone else points us to the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. He gave his life that we might live forever and enjoy God’s gifts eternally.

Let’s thank God for his gracious gift of sacrifice.

Best regards,

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