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James Henderson
The Good Judge
by James Henderson

The Good JudgeHello,

Grand juries, judges and justice have featured in the news recently. From the convening of a grand jury to investigate the allegations of Russian interference in the US elections to the idea that one day computers may replace judges to demands for fairer systems of justice.

Being judged officially frightens most of us. Will we be found out in some way? Will there be a miscarriage of justice?

God is viewed often as the great judge at the end of time, the one that calls us all to a day of reckoning. His throne is thought of as a throne of judgment and condemnation.

There’s a beautiful scripture in the Christian Bible that paints a different picture. It’s found in Hebrews 4:16, where we read that God’s throne is a “throne of grace” from which God decrees help and mercy for us in time of need.

Quite something, isn’t it? God, the great judge, desires to give all of us grace through his Son, Jesus Christ.

Don’t be afraid of God.

Approach his throne and accept his grace.

Best regards,

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