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James Henderson
The Kindness Of God
by James Henderson

The Kindness Of GodHello.

Who would argue that the world needs more kindness?

This week it was announced in the UK that a major “kindness” project has been launched. The aim is to examine the effects of kindness in our lives and in society in general.

You’d think it’s a “no brainer” because it doesn't take rocket science to understand that kindness is a good idea. Doing good deeds and being kind are promoted by most faiths and by those who don’t hold with any faith. It seems like common sense to most of us. Nevertheless, it may be worthwhile to have evidence that kindness is a good thing.

I’m reminded of a passage in the Christian Bible that talks about kindness. At first sight it seems an unusual phrase. It talks of “when the goodness and loving kindness of God our Saviour appeared”. ESV, Titus3:4 What does it mean? It’s about God’s act of kindness to all of us. This kind act was to give us salvation through Jesus Christ.

More than anything else the world needs the kindness of God.

And we have it.

God has been and is kind to us.

Best regards,

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