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James Henderson
The Petition To Live
by James Henderson

The Petition To LiveHello,

What if you really don’t want something to happen? What options do you have? One is to sign a petition. This week we’ve seen examples of this – the petition against re-naming the Second Severn Crossing to the “Prince of Wales Bridge”, and the petition, spearheaded by a leading newspaper, to prevent future UK passports being produced abroad.

Many governments around the world recognise the right to petition, and some of them, such as the United States, have it written into their constitutions. Did you know, however, that someone wanted so much for something not to happen to us that he was willing to sign his life away for us? I’m talking about Jesus Christ. Spiritually speaking, we were hell-bent for an eternal life-less existence, but Jesus objected. His desire was that we would live not just in this life, but forever. His petition, so to speak, was written in his own blood on the cross, and his signature was the only one that mattered.

Because of Jesus, our names can be written in the divine Book of Life.

Now that’s some petition!

Accept what Jesus has done for you.

Best regards,

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