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James Henderson
The Whistle Blower
by James Henderson

The Whistle BlowerHello.

Should someone speak up when things are going wrong?

This has been in the UK news this week, following a report that doctors in a supposedly reputable hospital were administering dangerously high levels of drugs to elderly patients. What was needed, a government spokesman suggested, was more “whistle-blowers”.

The idea is that we blow a whistle to signal that enough is enough, time-out, let’s raise an alarm, it’s time to deal with this.

Spiritually speaking, in a sense this is something that the sacrifice of Jesus does for us. It’s like blowing the whistle on our sins. It proclaims that our sins have found us out, and, thanks be to God, they have been forgiven.

No more sinning.

We have been forgiven.

Now that’s something to whistle about!

Kind regards,

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