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James Henderson
Tick Tock Ti..
by James Henderson

Tick Tock Ti..Hello,

There’s something comforting about the sound of Big Ben’s ringing out the time, and now, according to the news this week, it’s possible that, for health and safety reasons, it’ll be silenced for up to four years!!! Is this the end of time as we know it?

Some think that time is coming to an end for other reasons: the threat of nuclear war, the climate crisis, terrorism, and general instability around the world. Will the four horsemen come riding into the scene at any moment?

Of course, even if Big Ben stopped chiming today, tomorrow would come and time will continue. And, interestingly, even if humanity’s time came to an end, God’s time for us is not finished.

God exists before, during and after our “time”. He’s neither confined nor controlled by it. Otherwise time would be greater than God. In fact, one of the biblical names for God is “the Eternal”.

And, it is because God is both gracious and eternal, that there is hope for us in this finite world

Even if time runs out.

Best regards,

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