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James Henderson
Torture – Not God’s Idea
by James Henderson

Torture – Not God’s IdeaHello,

Sadly, the subject of torture has been in the news this week.

Torture involves applying physical, emotional and mental harm to someone so that he or she would change a view, confess something, or reveal secrets. Torture has also been used in some cultures, including historical Christianity, as a form of punishment, a deterrent to warn others not to repeat the torture victim’s alleged crime.

Some teach that hell is a place where the incorrigibly wicked are tortured forever. Perhaps you’ve seen images of Dante’s Inferno that illustrate this idea, or have heard graphic sermons that detail how you’d be tortured in hell unless you accept Christ as Saviour.

Surely this goes against the major theme of the Bible, which is that God is love. God is not a sadistic being who would torture eternally those who reject the life offered them through Jesus Christ.

Torture is humanity’s practice, not God’s. In fact, we took God’s own Son, Jesus Christ, and tortured him, nailing him to a cross. Jesus endured that torment for us so that we may have a joy-filled life with him forever.

Accept Jesus, and live.

Best regards,

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