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James Henderson
Tweet The Real Special Relationship
by James Henderson

Tweet The Real Special RelationshipHello,

The special relationship between the UK and the United States has been much in the news over the past few days, but do you know that you have been born into a different kind of special relationship? It’s one that trumps any political alliance that nations may forge.

The relationship is with God, who sent his son, Jesus, to be born for us, to be with us and we with him. From before the beginning of time as we know it, God planned to bring us into this loving relationship with him.

That is special. In fact, “special” seems barely adequate to describe it. It’s mind-blowing, much too wonderful for words. But what has happened to it? Is it now, some 2,000 years later, a special relationship in tatters? It could seem that it’s all gone wrong, because Christ has been rejected by many, and God has not intervened to stop us from destroying both ourselves and everything that is precious.

Don’t worry. The relationship is still in place. Just as Jesus came the first time, so he will come a second time to restore the fullness of his saving relationship with you and me.

Now that’s something to shout about from the highest hill to the deepest valley, it’s a song to sing and a beat to dance to.

You can even tweet it.

Best regards,

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