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James Henderson
U-Turn If U Want To
by James Henderson

U-Turn If U Want ToHello.

This week the UK government made a U-turn in its policy about face masks in schools. Of course, this happens often in many circumstances, especially when new information becomes available. Hopefully a U-turn doesn’t lead us up the same blind alley all over again!

If you make a spiritual U-turn, it means you reverse the direction of your life. It’s as if you realize you’re heading up a dead end, and so you turn around to find a better route. Christians call it repentance. You’re going the wrong way, it’s leading you nowhere, it’s time to change direction.

Perhaps you feel that way about your life. It’s a bit stale, empty, without a sense of purpose, and you want to make a U-turn of sorts. But how? Will it be too disruptive for yourself and others? Maybe it’s easier just to keep driving on in mindless cruise control without having to stop, reverse and turn around. Will you be brave enough to make the move?

Is it time to make a U-turn in your life?.

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