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James Henderson
Variants Of Good
by James Henderson

Variants Of GoodHello.

Who would have thought that we’d come to fear the word “variant”? We live in fear of learning that new, stronger “variants” of coronavirus might infect us sooner than we think.

A variant is a form of something known that’s different in some ways from other known types of the same thing. For example, we could have variant shades of the colour red. Some religious people have seen coronavirus as a metaphor for sin or wrongdoing and they note how new evils could be variants of such behaviour. In other words, the disease “sin” mutates into worse forms of itself.

Could we reverse the idea and turn a variant into something positive? Could we say, let’s have variants of doing good? Of course, we could. Jesus Christ suggests that the more we see evil, the more we should do good. Return evil with good. Find new and creative ways to do good to and for others.

It’s a thought, isn’t it?

Practice good things.

Discover variants of good.

Best regards,

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